TrackWizz - BPM (Business Process Management)


TrackWizz – BPM
Business process management system is a plug and play kind of solution that allows organization to implement processes super fast without requiring any kind of custom software development.

Salient Features

  • Make your processes system driven: All small and big process can be implemented through TrackWizz Business Process Management. Most systems business today are looking for increasing efficiency, get control, reduce risk and serve business better by implementing systems.
  • Design your flow & Process: Build your own flows without any restrictions to number of stages or transitions. Key components allows user to create rules and validations around the transitions.
  • Create your form and data sets with validations: Easily create your forms and data fields with validations. It further allows you to make data points mandatory or allow certain pre defined custom values. Re usability of fields means that you can create a data sets or index and re use it with multiple forms, saving tremendous time.
  • Desktop, Mobile & Tablet ready: Web based HTML 5 open source front and responsive interface along with a native Android App makes it accessible anytime anywhere.
  • In built Document management systems: Our BPM Solution brings along a robust document management system making life easy as most business process management are document intensive.
  • Easily interacts with existing systems: A unique handler mechanism makes it relatively easy to interact with peripheral system or do custom actions or do things with virtually any kind of task.
  • Reports that talk: Our reports are extreme visual and give feeling as if the system is talking and helps analyze and bring about process improvements and award performers of the organization.