Intermediary (Franchisee) Solution


Terminal Manager helps you take complete control of the Terminals assigned to any Intermediary and avoid penalties from the Exchanges for violation of compliances which are otherwise extremely difficult to adhere to.

Salient Features

  • 12 Digit / 16 digit terminal Id is created from software automatically.
  • Compliance Validation like 5 is to one in cash segment or one is to one in derivative segment.
  • Certificate Expiry intimation email in advance to specified people.
  • Terminal reconciliation this can be used for cross checking any mismatch between back office and exchange.
  • Certification details - exams cleared by each Dealer (like NCFM Capital Market, NCFM Derivatives Market, AMFI Mutual Funds, NISM Series - 1 etc) along with details like Exam Date, Expiry Date, Score details and Registration number.
  • Dealer Attachments - copies of Dealer certificates or any other documents can be stored with the Dealer record - all stored in database


  • Total terminals given to an Intermediary by Segment with all details. So no disputes of charges.
  • Total number of CTCL licenses used as of date of particular vendor.
  • Dealers that have FnO / Eq exam certification, but no Terminal attached to them.


  • Cut down Exchange Penalties due to non-compliance
  • Check dealers with certifications which are not used for any Terminal

Segments / Business available in the solution