Inward Outward System


TSS Courier helps you centralize and manage your company’s Inwards and Outwards, and provides related features that not only make regulatory compliance easy, but also save time, increase staff efficiency, and utilize resources effectively.

Salient Features

  • Simple, Effective and Customizable: Easy to use interface for easy and quick entering and retrieving of data. You will be surprised with the effectiveness of PRM in keeping track of all your documents!
  • Central Document Storage solution: Attach multiple files with each record. The possibilities are endless.
  • Simplify IT infrastructure and reduce costs: All your important files are stored centrally at one location and are backed up to one single file with one click.
  • Support for all file formats including but not limited to PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, plain text files, html, zip files, etc.
  • File – Document mapping: Allows you to specify which Documents can be stored inside a particular file.
  • Track with Serial No, Date and/or Client
  • UCC Tracker: Gives you a mismatch between UCC done on exchange to available record of KYC in PRM.
  • Complete organization can use.
  • Sample Documents: Expense Bills, Stamp Duty Challans, Concurrent Audits , Exchange Inspection and correspondence, Exchange Submissions, KYC, ROC Records like Form 32, Board Resolution, IBT Reports, System Audit Reports, Service Tax Returns basically any document any department any type.