TrackWizz CKYC


CKYC A comprehensive on premise solution for CKYC which helps meet the CERSAI requirements and interfaces with as per RBI, SEBI, IRDA & PFRDA guidelines, It goes way beyond simply creating files. It has end to end change management including customer consent. Easily can be loosely coupled with core banking or existing platform of institution.

Salient Features

  • Search & Bulk upload for new registrations. Generate the Bulk Upload File for new records. Response file upload and tracking status of multiple
  • Compare, download and create modifications Bulk download and then compare the details of the customer Prepare the delta file for bulk upload Response file upload and tracking status of multiple
  • Reading update Notification System will keep a track of what notifications have come for modifications. Auto email to customer for confirmation to incorporate the updates like change in contact details or address. Post confirmation create the bulk update file. Auto email (CCM & CDD Module) to internal teams when notification is related to deceased date of a customer.
  • Generate files for Other systems. Generating files for other system like internal systems, Exchanges or depository participant.
  • Secure FTP auto connect The upload and download of files automatically making the connection absolutely free of human intervention.
  • Actionable dashboard A single screen for the KYC / Compliance head which gives complete visibility of pending uploads, pending notifications or pending modifications along with ageing analysis.
  • Auto escalation emails System will trigger emails for cases that require urgent attention on ground of pending beyond x days and similar.
  • Inbuilt Document management and Work flow Comes with an inbuilt document management system and configurable workflow module, making it very easy for it to suit the current process of the organization.
  • Integration with existing system. A. Institution can continue to onboard customers in their own system and then CKYC will take over. B. Onboarding is also done by TrackWizz and then CKYC follows.