Products we offer under TrackWizz

Anti Money Laundering

End to End Solution, from screening to STR. Used by more than 90 Institutions. Equities, Derivatives, Depository, Commodities & Money Transfer Services.

Intermediary (Franchisee) Solution

Complete Intermediary management solution, helps you get control of Information repository, Intermediary Registration, de registration, CTCL Terminal management, maintaining Intermediary and servicing them. Compliance and Sales both objectives can be met.

ETT (Employee Trade Tracker)

Solution helps you comply with code of Ethics regulation for employees. Submission of quarterly dealings etc.. Non Compliance reports at a click.

BPM (Business Process Management)

Business process management system is a plug and play kind of solution that allows organization to implement processes super fast without requiring any kind of custom software development.

Document Management System

Save scanned / soft copy documents of all organizations and departments along with physical location details

Inward Outward System

Outward Tracks all outgoing courier along with what was sent and date of dispatch , POD Number etc…helps you save scanned POD’s. Inward System allows you to keep track of what documents have come and have been forwarded internally to which dept/employee.

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At TSS we believe, Financial Industry solutions are complex, often the feature list does not tell the real story. So we offer you a demo with our sales team. Exclusively for AML / PMLA Solution we offer a demo on your actual / real live data.

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